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Blossom Soft Cup Bra - Seasonal

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Care Instructions:

Whether your lingerie is in lace, satin or tulle, it is delicate and precious. Look after it well in order to get the best wear from it for a very long time.

Handwashing is always our preferred method but machine washing is okay too! Just make sure you follow our advice to maximize the longevity of your lingerie:

    • Dont mix your whites and your colours! They will remain brighter for longer!

    • Now that your colours are sorted through, place your lingerie in your washing bag, to avoid it getting caught on other clothing. You dont have a special washing bag? Dont worry, all you need is a pillow case! It is easy to forget, but
      remember to attach the hooks of your bras. This will avoid snagging on delicate fabrics such as lace.

    • For your washing powder or liquid, choose products that are specifically made for delicates and don‚t add softener.
      Softener can remain in the fibres of your products and reduce their elasticity.

    • Choose a delicate cycle on your washing machine (maximum 30) and a spin cycle of maximum 800 rpm.

    • When drying your lingerie, dry it flat. No tumble drying of course!

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