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Belle d'Ispahan Comfort Full Cup Bra

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Comfortable and sexy, the Comfort Full-Cup bra lights up voluptuous busts in the Belle d’Ispahan line. With a mixture of blues embroidered with bronze, it adds shimmer and fullness to the cleavage as well as comfort. Its three-section cups and reinforced back construction provide excellent support on this captivating and magical piece.
• Embroidered trim on multifibre tulle
• Embroidered stiffened pattern
• Multifibre Lycra tulle
• Embroidered panel on multifibre Lycra tulle
• Lycra jacquard lace band
• Satin bow and Aubade-inscribed jewel with Swarovski crystals
Aubade reworks the romantic feel of the Belle d’Ispahan line in a Salomé colour, a delicate blend of blues with a touch of bronze. The curves seem to evolve into sultry lingerie, where ornamental embroidery traces ethereal designs onto the skin. This line featuring fully embroidered lightweight lace is irresistibly seductive.

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