At BRACHIC we always recommend that you should wear your bra no more than two days max, hand wash the bra then let it rest for two days. This will allow it to shrink back into its original shape, making your bra last longer. As you build up a collection of bras, wearing a different one every day or every second day will allow your bras to last years. When investing money for good quality products they will last if treated well, remember rotation and hand wash in cold water is key. We always prefer to use SOAK as the ingredients in their gentle, no-rinse formulation are skin-and fabric friendly, with no harsh chemicals or fragrances!

For Swim: Rinse the bikini or swimsuit by hand in cold water but never twist or wring it out. This will help to remove any residue of sweat, sun lotion, chlorine and seawater. Do not leave your swimwear wet and rolled-up in your beach bag. Since bright colours might fade in time- just like other types of colourful clothes- we recommend to leave your swimwear to dry in the shade instead of in the sun as this will slow down the discolouration process! Then proceed to wash in cold water using SOAK. For more tips and tricks please visit the Soak Wash website